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UAD is a multidisciplinary design practice established by Urvaksh Aga in 1997.

At UAD, we have an exceptional range of talent and expertise, and have acquired considerable professional experience designing private and multi-family residential, commercial as well as institutional projects, interior environments, exhibitions, furniture and products.

Although we draw from a rich history and experience of working together on projects with teams from around the world, we have a culture of a young start-up. We value innovation and creativity as we strive to test limits.

Rather than imposing a style irrespective of site, context, climate or culture, we carefully examine the unique characteristics of each place, along with the client’s programmatic requirements, and look to this intersection as the catalyst for an architectural concept. We believe design is a powerful tool for enhancing human experience and communicating ideas.

Using a collaborative leadership model, our principals determine the design concept and ensure that each team efficiently and effectively manages its projects. Our designs are sculptural, sometimes monumental, yet always work on a human scale. UAD’s thoughtful design compositions go beyond function to elevate the spatial, material and visual experience.

UAD provides collaborative services to our clients, drawing inputs and resources from our association with international designers and consultants. Our spectrum of design services ranges from conceptual design, programming, design development, construction supervision, to post construction services and project analysis.

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